Neighborhood faces

I had to take five portraits of strangers for my Advanced Photojournalism course. I snapped these five just walking around the block where I live at 109th and Broadway:

I’m realizing, like any good journalist, that I should have asked for names.

Connor Boals Portrait2

This guy is my favorite, he sells books and things on the corner of 109th and Broadway. Always happy, always laughing.

Connor Boals Portrait1

He was the only one that stuck around when I asked him and his crew if I could take their pictures. They are working on the stairs of the building across the street from me.

Connor Boals Portrait 4

I found him resting on the bench in the median on Broadway at 112th. The old couple who I originally approached waved me off.

Connor Boals Portrait3

She was handing out coupons for Rite Aid by the Downtown entrance for the 1 train. She said her hair wasn’t nice, but I persuaded her. I think her smile is what mattered.

Connor Boals Portrait5

FDNY. Chilling on 110th. Told me to make him look good.


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