Saturday in Kingsbridge

For my core class, Reporting and Writing 1, each of us was assigned a neighborhood in the Bronx as our beat. My neighborhood is Kingsbridge, which is basically between the last three stops on the 1. I had so many preconceptions about the Bronx before going up there, most of them involved crime, drugs, violence, etc. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with a neighborhood full of life, culture and around every corner, there is a story to tell.


I’m looking forward to working in Kingsbridge. I hope I can do the people and the place justice with the work I produce.

232nd St. & Irwin Ave.

The 1 train runs above Broadway. This strip of Broadway called “the BID” (Kingsbridge Business Improvement District) is where all of the shopping happens. I haven’t spent much time in Kingsbridge on the weekend, but when I was there today it was bustling.

Just waiting for my train back to Manhattan.

I love getting on the train up here because its always empty. By the time I get off at 110th, it’s standing room only.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


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