Broadway Bomb 2009

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On Saturday, my buddy Matt and I went out and covered the Broadway Bomb, an unsanctioned longboard race that ran from 116th Street and Broadway all the way down to 10th Street in lower Manhattan. Call it what you want: illegal, underground, grassroots, it was pretty incredible to see. In all, I think the skateboarders traveled 8 1/2 miles, alongside taxis, buses, police cruisers and throngs of tourists in Times Square. I followed along on my bike and Matt actually raced on his board with flip cam in hand. I threw together a little video of the event.

Ian Nichols, the organizer of the race, also organizes other longboard events across the city. For more info, check out the Broadway Bomb Web site.
Matt’s story and my video were published here.


6 responses to “Broadway Bomb 2009

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  2. So far this is a great video, I did the Broadway bomb an experience never to forget. The tricks and BBQ + the prizes made the experience even better.The over all turn out was crazy, this was my first year of many more, and how friendly even was to one another made it one worth while.

  3. great video…. very telling šŸ™‚

  4. Broadway bomb=one gnarly race. I Was the person who was interviewed after being hit by the car and word on is that you might have footage of the actual wreck. If so that would be super cool if you could email to me.

  5. nice video. i guess the only thing to do next is figure out something crazier than eight miles down b’way at high noon….
    -brooklyn barbarosa

  6. Connor,
    enjoyed your coverage of the marathon & broadway bomb. do you get any financial support from perky jerky? Love,
    Uncle John

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