Some NYC Shots

I took a walk around my neighborhood near Riverside Park. Perfect autumn mid-afternoon light.

light 4
Pigeons. I must say, I enjoy the pigeons here. They are robust and healthy unlike the oily, mangy ones I encountered in Rome. I don’t get the whole “pestilence” vibe from NYC pigeons that I did walking in the piazzas in Rome.

Riverside Park. Near 109th and Riverside Drive.

More Riverside Park. It’s really a haven in there during weekday afternoons. The trees keep all of the sounds out and everything feels green again. I love NYC, but I miss wide open spaces. Not sure what I’m going to do during ski season.

The children. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a playground next door. These kids are great. I can’t watch them too much, for fear of being perceived as a creep, but its nice when I’m fussing about in the kitchen to hear them laughing and playing. Dirty mouths, though. I still thought the f-word was “funk” at this age. They know the correct pronunciation, that’s for sure.


One response to “Some NYC Shots

  1. These are great. I like the black and white one of the cyclist. Was it Fred?

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