Home for the Holiday

I enjoyed a quick trip back to Michigan for Thanksgiving. My family hopped on the road to Kewadin, Mich. to celebrate the holiday at grandma’s house which is located on a corner of my uncle’s apple and cherry orchard, overlooking the Grand Traverse Bay. We stuffed ourselves full of delicious food per the holiday tradition. Before gathering around the television to watch the Lions lose yet another Thanksgiving game, I took a walk around the orchard to help digest.


5 responses to “Home for the Holiday

  1. I really enjoyed the photos. I’m so glad you had a good time. A little boost of family energy to get us through the last few weeks of school.
    The photo of the apple is very Garden of Eden.

  2. Amazing how you can look at something for years and not see the art in it until it is framed in a photo. Thanks for sharing and highlighting beauty I took for granted.

  3. Great job. Thanks for sharing. It was great to see & visit with you & your entire family.

  4. Fourth and sixth from the top are my faves. Were I still a student I would say something about color saturation and the allegory of rural decay and fossil fuel capitalism.

    But I’m not, so instead I’m going to listen to this woman tell me about how her daughter has bipolio disorder and tell her that they might have a vaccine for that at Cook County.

    It was the A-bomb seeing you all at t-givin’. See you in another few!

  5. These are great pictures. Good eye. We missed seeing everyone this Thanksgiving. Hope to see you over Christmas break.

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