Bedbugs mean big business

Things are quickly wrapping up here at J-school. It’s pretty incredible to think that I’m already halfway done.

One of the bigger projects I produced this semester was for my Digital Media Newsroom course. My partner Alex and I produced a story package that involved text, video and audio slideshow components about the pest control industry in New York City and how it has been affected by the recession and the boom in bedbugs.

For my video, keep reading after the jump or go straight to the Digital Media Newsroom site.

Here is the video:

However, please check out the full product at the Digital Media Newsroom site where you can also browse the work that my other classmates produced.

Its been quite an interesting journey that has involved, among other things, donning full-body suits and filming an extermination in a bedbug-infested apartment.

I think it took me two weeks to finally stop being paranoid that I had brought bedbugs back with me. Every piece of lint in my bed gave me a heart attack. I can assure you, I am not infested.

Looking back on the experiences I’ve had this semester, there is a lot I would do differently. However, every time I messed up, I was so thankful that I was here at school instead of out in the field. The room for error that journalism school provides is something that allows my time here to pay for itself over and over. I know that if I make a mistake, and I most definitely will, its not my job on the line. Instead, its an opportunity to improve on my faults and makes me that much more capable in the end.


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