Pit bulls in the park

This is Snow and Layla. Snow, the white one, is a nine-year-old pit bull. Layla, her daughter, is five. I’ve been hanging out with Layla and Snow a lot this week for my master’s project which is a piece on pit bulls in New York City and how they are such a polarizing dog, loved by some and feared by others, here in the city.

The dogs live in the Grant Houses in Harlem with their owner CJ. I came along with CJ and his friend, Jay, while they took the dogs out for some exercise in Morningside Park. It was a balmy 45 degree day in the middle of January (no complaints here) and the dogs were enjoying the sunshine.

The thing that inspired me to focus on pit bulls was that the New York City Housing Authority recently passed a law banning 27 breeds, including pit bulls banning rottweilers, pit bulls and doberman pinschers from city housing. I was curious to see how this is impacting pit bull owners in city housing. The law goes into effect on Jan. 31. CJ says he has no intentions of giving up his dogs.


4 responses to “Pit bulls in the park

  1. Snow would appreciate it if you refrained from photographing her peeing.

    Love you,

  2. Love the pics and your thesis subject. I look forward to reading it. Sophie (our new pit) and I are worried about all the pits and other breeds now banned and what will happen to them.


  3. Great looking dogs. These dogs have potential…but with love they are one of the finest breeds. I have owned them since 19 and I’m now 60. Don’t give up on them. They are worth it.

  4. love the shots and every thing i got a friend thats wants you to take sum photos of them soo get at me

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