The Cloisters

The Columbia Journalism School Career Fair was today. I spent all day hopping from table to table at the ringing of a bell. It was exactly what I imagine speed dating is like. I met some interesting people and had some good conversations. I’d call it a success.

After the fair, Fred and I rode up Riverside Avenue to see what The Cloisters was all about. The Cloisters is the branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to the art and architecture of the European Middle Ages. It’s in Fort Tryon Park near the northern tip of Manhattan on a hill overlooking the Hudson River.

It was closed. So we wandered around outside.

Fred was cold.

Great view of Harlem. Cool.

Bonus Shot: The Riverside Church of New York. 122nd and Riverside Ave. I snapped this on the ride back.


2 responses to “The Cloisters

  1. another good post, dude. thanks for keeping me entertained

  2. New bars look good on your bike. Thanks for sharing the view.

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