The Daily Show

Today, I did this:

Several J-school friends and I went to a taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Strictly no cameras in the studio so an awning shot will have to suffice.

The man is really good at his job. He did the whole show in one take. It must have been an hour at most. I’m glad I went. It was on my NYC to-do list and now it’s not.

But mostly, I do this:

This is my workspace during a late night video editing session. My partner, Evan, and I have two more weeks to put the finishing touches on our 20-minute documentary on 9/11 truthers. Stay tuned!

Bonus pic: Berg’s cool glasses. Taken in line for the Daily Show.


One response to “The Daily Show

  1. nice shot of meals distracting you from your editing

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