Big Sky Country

I’ll be in Montana all week. My colleague Josh Tapper and I are reporting and shooting video of older adults living independently in rural areas. Josh and I spent Monday and Tuesday with Sue and Bob Cushman on their 60-acre property in Condon, Montana. They’ve lived there for over 20 years. Among other things, we watched as Sue, 79, used her chainsaw to fell a 30-foot tree for firewood to heat their home.

On Monday, Sue gave us a tour of the property. She regularly walks the property, and I’ll admit I struggled to keep up with her as she zipped through the woods, hopping creeks and naming off every tree, bird and critter we saw. (Photo by Josh Tapper)

Bob, who is 80, is a retired nuclear engineer. He was at the first test of the H-bomb at Los Alamos. They’ve had quite a life and it looks like they’re not planning on stopping soon.

The News21 site will go live sometime in July. There you’ll be able to view the finished product.


2 responses to “Big Sky Country

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  2. Sounds like quite a couple. Don’t strain yourself trying to keep up.

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