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The rain cut short my Sunday picnic, but we wandered and found the John Lennon Memorial. I’m going to miss New York City. Everything is here.


Brooklyn we go hard

I took a trip out to Brownsville today to shoot some video for my Covering Education class. I shot this on the drive back.

I’m so close to graduating. I can taste it.

Eric Haze: Abstracts & Icons

I recently filmed, edited and produced this recap of Eric Haze’s solo show in downtown Manhattan for Format Magazine.

Haze is an accomplished graffiti artist, entrepeneur, graphic designer and now a burgeoning fine artist.

He walked me through the exhibit and then we sat down for a little one-on-one interview.

It was certainly a challenge trying to make still paintings move in video, but I think everything came out pretty well. Check it out over at their site.

Sketchbook: James Bailey

This is James. He’s my girlfriend’s little brother. Also, he’s the man. Seriously, this kid should be sponsored by Sharpie or something. He volunteered to let me shoot him in the playground outside my apartment for my Digital Media Newsroom class. It was my first time working with video since high school, I forgot how fun it is. Click the picture to watch.

NOTE: The video was shot in HD so start playing, hit pause, let it load all the way and then play the video. Otherwise it will be all jumpy.
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