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I jetted home last week for a quick visit. While there, I hung out in the menagerie.

This is Bond.


They live here.

I live(d?) there.

Got some hot dogs with Jeremy.

Dan came.

Dan’s a vinyl man.

Stylin’ in the 49546.

Dad’s new board quickly dwarfed the excitement of my graduation.

Now I’m back in NYC. I’m one week deep into my News21 fellowship. I’ll be working on several story packages related to aging in America. Stay tuned for more on that.


Brooklyn we go hard

I took a trip out to Brownsville today to shoot some video for my Covering Education class. I shot this on the drive back.

I’m so close to graduating. I can taste it.

The Daily Show

Today, I did this:

Several J-school friends and I went to a taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Strictly no cameras in the studio so an awning shot will have to suffice.

The man is really good at his job. He did the whole show in one take. It must have been an hour at most. I’m glad I went. It was on my NYC to-do list and now it’s not.

But mostly, I do this:

This is my workspace during a late night video editing session. My partner, Evan, and I have two more weeks to put the finishing touches on our 20-minute documentary on 9/11 truthers. Stay tuned!

Bonus pic: Berg’s cool glasses. Taken in line for the Daily Show.

Blizzard hits 109th street

It’s snowing here in New York City. Schools are out all over the city. Even I had my classes cancelled. As a Michigander who spent four years in Burlington, Vt., I can’t say I’m overly impressed by this “blizzard.” But when a city the size of this one gets hit by a decent amount of snow, it does become clear what a hinderance the slushy white stuff can be.

My block has been embracing the snowfall with enthusiasm. The guys in the neighborhood have been out since 11 a.m., crafting this beautiful couple in celebration of the blizzard, Valentine’s Day and Jennifer Lopez (check out the ba-donk-a-donk on that beauty).

Coney Island to Times Square in 60 seconds

My assignment was to travel from Coney Island to Times Square, document it and produce a 60-second clip of the journey.

I hadn’t been to Coney Island, so I was excited for the opportunity to see that part of the city. It’s a place that is both eerie and wholly intriguing. Now that it’s winter and the attractions are closed, it has a real post-apocalyptic ghost town feel. Vibrant colors and wide open natural light made it great for filming.

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I chose to bike there, because I figured everyone else in my class would take the subway. It was a 30-mile ride to get there that took me down the west side bike path, across Canal Street, over the Manhattan Bridge, down Flatbush Ave to Prospect Park then all the way down Mcdonald Ave. until I made it to the Boardwalk. (Geography nerds, see map below).

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Sniffing out the bugs

This is Cosmo.

Look out bedbugs, Cosmo will find you.

For my Digital Media Newsroom class, My partner Alex and I have been documenting the pest control business and how the outbreak of bedbugs in New York City have allowed them to stay afloat, and often profit, during the recession. Continue reading


Every Tuesday around noon, I return home to grab a meal and retreat into my thoughts before returning to class. It also happens that at noon the children of PS 135 descend on the playground outside my window.

I never get the retreat I’m hoping for.

From my perch at my kitchen table, my window is a frame. There is no need for television during lunchtime. The children provide the entertainment. There is every ingredient for compelling drama in the fifth grade: love, heartbreak, jealousy and anger.
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