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It’s official. I’m a Master.

Photo courtesy of Alex Berg.


Snow day

We’ve been getting lots of snow in NYC lately. It started dumping halfway through Thursday and just never stopped. I rolled out of bed at 7:30 this morning. Much to my surprise, Columbia was closed. So I rolled over, turned off the alarm and fell back asleep.

Later, I ventured over to Central Park to see a fresh blanket of thick, wet and heavy snow.

Coney Island to Times Square in 60 seconds

My assignment was to travel from Coney Island to Times Square, document it and produce a 60-second clip of the journey.

I hadn’t been to Coney Island, so I was excited for the opportunity to see that part of the city. It’s a place that is both eerie and wholly intriguing. Now that it’s winter and the attractions are closed, it has a real post-apocalyptic ghost town feel. Vibrant colors and wide open natural light made it great for filming.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=3182386&dest=-1]

I chose to bike there, because I figured everyone else in my class would take the subway. It was a 30-mile ride to get there that took me down the west side bike path, across Canal Street, over the Manhattan Bridge, down Flatbush Ave to Prospect Park then all the way down Mcdonald Ave. until I made it to the Boardwalk. (Geography nerds, see map below).

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