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Sweet land of liberty

So it’s official. I’m done with J-school. Mom and Dad got in to the city and we’ve been hanging out and seeing some sights. We took the cruise out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on Sunday.

My sister, Clare, is finishing up finals at Cornell, so they scrambled to figure out their camera phones to share the experience.

Figured it out.

Took this one for Grandma. Probably should have shaved … a month ago.

Then we headed off to Ellis Island. I would highly recommend a visit. It really puts a lot of things in perspective. We are a nation built entirely on immigrants.


Staten Island ferry trip

I traveled to Staten Island today for the first time. My partner, Evan Wexler, and I are setting the groundwork for a documentary we will be shooting about members of the Tea Party movement on the island. We took the ferry from the tip of Manhattan.

Now, after seven months, I’ve set foot in all five boroughs.